'00, '01 CR 125/250

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WOODY ORIGINAL GRAPHICS: 2001-2003 DESIGN. We did the originals! • The original artwork. Modern manufacturing. 20mil thick vinyl with FLO Technology adhesive for smoother application. • Shroud Graphics, Trim Decals and Number backgrounds ordered together or individually in the Availa..
The original flared cut black top, red sides and black Honda name on the sides. Made out of the same gripper material that Team Honda has used for years. ..
Often copied but never duplicated. The Throttle Jockey 2-Tone gripper seat covers are unique in many ways. • The Industry's 1st ripples(extra). Co-developed with Team Honda in 1999. See pics here. • The Industry's 1st and only heat transfered logo and name..
• T.J. 1980's Retro Replica graphic kit. The above pics are just examples. You have total freedom to add the logos and numbers the way you want them. See the available logos in the sub-images above.  • Shroud Graphics, Trim Decals and Gripper Seat ordered together or indiv..
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