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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

1.    Delivery:  Normal order processing time is 4-6 working days before shipping for most orders. This can vary based on what you ordered and the type of shipping you picked. Please note that custom orders do take longer. Custom orders include anything that has your name, number, color accent color selection, specific, logos, specific colored seat covers, etc. We are located in Indiana on Eastern Standard Time. Hours are Monday-Friday 8a.m.-5p.m. 


2.    Shipping and Handling Rates:  PayPal fees, shipping and handling charges are added to your purchase based on the payment option you picked and size of the box needed for your order. Standard UPS or USPS rates will apply. If you have chosen a Air rate it will be calculated based on the size of your box and most of the time will be different than what the web site quotes. For an exact rate quote please call 800-847-6885. Smaller orders may be shipped Postal if rates calculate less than UPS shipping cost.


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